Perfance is a local Independent brand based in Cheshire, England founded by Alina Perfance - a woman who has been in the Beauty Industry for over eleven years:

"I started making my first beauty products purely for my own use as I couldn't find that perfect product on the beauty market. Working with for High End brands gave me a lot of knowledge just what your skin needs. Since then I do not waste my money and I make and use my own skincare. Buy and shop local as we can change the world!"

Perfance is free from plastic packaging and also we have refused from heavy glass jars.

We pack our moisturisers, face masks, make up removers into lightweight aluminium tins that easily fit through the letterbox for your travel and gift convenience and also environment - lighter packaging means less, less travel for courier and less CO2 which helps us to fight climate change. Average letterbox weights only 100g. 

We use boxes that easily fit through the letterbox so the item can be delivered at any time and also as a surprise gift.

Regarding Perfance Ingredients - raw cold pressed and organic oils and butters, edible emulsifiers (help to create face cream) which used in food industry and vegan preservatives. 

We test on ourselves before we launch any new products.

We are Cruelty-Free and our products are tested only on People.

Perfance is free from Mineral Oil, Palm Oil, Artificial Oils, Fragrance Oils and Texture enhancers - Polymers and Silicones.

90% of our beauty packaging is Free from Plastic, Environmental friendly, Recyclable or Reusable and we are working on increasing this number.

All our products are Handcrafted in Cheshire, England.