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"I live in a medium size UK town and  much of the plastic packaging I encounter is not currently recycled. It tears my heart to pieces every time I throw another piece of plastic in the bin. Personally, I can't control food industry plastic - I can only make purchasing choices and support Green Peace by signing a petition. "

As a craftsperson I can control what packaging I'm using and take responsibility. To be honest it wasn't easy to source glass bottles for my Face Toners, only recently I finally found a small UK supplier that sells suitable glass bottles. Plastic is so widely popular as a packaging, plastic has flooded not only our households but all market suppliers.

Perfance Face Creams are poured into glass jars and sealed with an aluminium lid. I use amber glass jars not because they are pretty but in darkened glass all active natural ingredients are stored better than in clear glass. This is done in case you leave your moisturiser on the windowsill or somewhere with direct sun, almost all active botanicals break down in the sun.

Perfance Face Masks are prepared and jarred in amber jars also but a bigger size, 150ml, and filled right up to the top. An aluminium lid is not only better than plastic lids but looks more elegant on your dresser or in the bathroom.

"Glass is a natural material - it is widely recycled, plus even if glass gets into the environment it quickly becomes a part of it. Glass gives the mood of something rustic and artisan, something you would get from an old fashioned pharmacy, a medicine, a cure or treatment."

I use aluminium tins quite widely in my handmade skincare. 200ml of Body Lotion or Moroccan Soap is a big size plus this type of packaging is very robust. A 50ml aluminium tin is always in my gym bag as it is very light and a handy travel size. Try to use it for travel, I can promise you these aluminium tins won't leak.

How beautiful a glass bottle of Castile Soap in your bathroom looks... labelled with Kraft paper, finished with natural twine and an aluminium lid - absolute artisan. A 250ml pourable bottle which you can add to your bath for a milky spa experience!

I have this matching set with pump bottle for the sink where I use Castile soap for washing my hands. I have gotten so used to a nice soap, so much so that commercial hand washes now seem too slimy and skin-drying, doesn't feel real.. There are so many uses for castile soap I have written a separate Story about it which you can read it here.

Same thing with Face Toners - only glass - 250ml amber glass bottle, if you like you can keep it in the fridge for cold pads under puffy or tired eyes in the morning! Toner is completely natural and safe for the under eye area. 

When I was thinking about making my own skincare back in 2017 the first question was if I will bring value to this country and its people. Profit comes and goes the only thing that matters is what's left after.

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