Mineral Clay Masks

Ready made mask with Natural Clays, Organic Floral Waters and added botanicals.
Four masks to choose from: 
Green Clay is best for Combination, Oily and Acne Prone Skins, it is creamy and yet gentle so you can use it every day as a treatment. 
Moroccan clay mask will help with pores, it exfoliates and even anti wrinkle, it can improve your skin tone and make it more even, also helps to reduce dark spots. 
Detox Bentonite Clay is for a very Problem skin, inflated and with red pimples and severe acne problem, it will sooth and reduce acne inflammation, can be applied all over or topically. 
Yellow Clay is best for more sensitive and prone to redness skin, creamy and soothing it will remove an redness and will give skin healthy glow!