About Us


Perfance is a local Independent brand based in Cheshire, England founded by Alina Perfance - a woman who has been in the Beauty Industry for over eight years

"I started making my first beauty products purely for my own use as I couldn't find that perfect product on the beauty market. Working in the Cosmetic Industry I started realising that all beauty products are too far from natural content. Makes no sense to pay a lot of money for Glycerine, Silicones, Mineral Oil and Artificial Fragrances in a jar".

Alina Perfance

Trying our products will completely change the way you think about natural skincare, the environment and the beauty industry.

We always use unique ingredients from the best parts of the world, always Organic and EcoCert, Cold Pressed or Raw Unrefined Butters & Oils.

We test on ourselves before we launch any new products.

We are Cruelty-Free and our products are tested only on People.

All our products formulated without artificial ingredients like Mineral Oil or Texture enhancers like Polymers and Silicones.

90% of our beauty packaging is Free from Plastic, Environmental friendly, Recyclable or Reusable and we are working on increasing this number.

All our products are Handcrafted in England.