12 uses for Castile Soap

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"Amber colour, almost no scent Castile Liquid Soap is a natural soap made from high quality, high oleic and virgin cold-pressed vegetable oils using a traditional recipe and requires maturing. 

Castile Soap been used for centuries and now it is back in fashion!

People are more aware of harmful detergents and how it can be dangerous for us and our planet."

Natural Castile Soap - antibacterial, gentle and versalite

Perfance Castile Liquid Soap made from Virgin high oleic Olive Oil and Organic, Raw Coconut Oils and potash (Potassium Hydroxide). Making a small batch of Castile Soap requires 15 hours of non-stop work, protective equipment and skill. After it's made it has to mature for 3 months. As longer Castile Soap matures as better quality it gets. We store our soap only in glass jars as it helps it to mature. Castile soap does not contain preservatives as naturally alkali product (an environment where bacteria do not live).

How you can use Castile Soap?

- Shower gel

Just use it on the sponge or splash onto skin, Castile Soap is a little runnier than a commercial shower. You can add essential oils to Castile soap and use it for a milky bath.

- Hand Wash 

Castile Soap is naturally antibacterial it is the best Hand Soap! Pour it into a pump bottle and place next to your sink!

- Face Wash?

No, Castile Soap is a bit strong for using on your face, I have seen a recipe like adding Glycerine and Water to use it on the face, but Castile Soap has to be diluted quite well.

"I wouldn't recommend using pure Castile Soap direcltly on your face as every day face wash - it is too cleansing! Just to give you an idea: skin on the body is cardboard, skin on the face is a paper and skin under eyes is a thin paper tissue. Be mindful choosing a different products for face, body and eye area!" - Alina Perfance

Natural Castile Soap - antibacterial, gentle and versalite

- Shampoo?

I have tried using Castile soap for hair but it does leave residue on hair and you have to wash it off with vinegar. So it is entirely up to you. I had couple of clients who bought a bottle of my Castile Soap just because it is biodegradable product and does not cause harm to the environment. 

- Laundry Soap for Delicates

Let's be real things like bras, silk scarves, lace lingerie, expensive swimsuits you wouldn't just chuck in the washing machine. It will lose shape, detergent damages delicate fabrics. Soak it overnight and let it dry naturally and good clothes will serve you longer. 

- Baby clothes laundry soap

Soak overnight in hot water and wash in the morning - baby clothes are clean and soft! 

- Wash fruit and vegetable

This is the only one Soap you can use for washing your food! Washing off the wax from Lemons, washing apples and celery sticks, 

- Cleaner for Cafetiere or Kettle

I have this glass Cafetiere and sometimes I like to make Fruit teas, but if it's used for coffee it has a strong coffee scent. Pour a bit of soap and fill it up with boiling water, leave to cool and wash it afterwards - the scent of coffee gone along with dark coffee residue!

"How to clean Kettle: add 5 teaspoons of citric acid, fill it up with water to the top and boil. Rinse! Now your kettle is sparkly clean!"

Natural Castile Soap - antibacterial, gentle and versalite

-  Kitchen cleaner

Wiping kitchen surfaces, fridge, cupboards and not been afraid harsh chemicals. toxins. Plus Castile Soap destroys scents as it is naturally antibacterial.

"Apply Castile Soap of the damp cotton cloth or sponge and wipe dry afterwards. It works better than washing up liquid as you don't need to rinse it as much, Castile soap doesn't produce as much waste foam that you have to keep on rinsing."

- Cleaning white trainers 

Apply a generous amount on the shoe damp brush or a damp sponge, brush the shoe, wash sponge and remove soap with damp sponge or cloth, leave to dry outside on a sunny day. Soak shoe laces overnight and rinse in the morning - cleans better than any expensive detergent and no damage.

- Floor Cleaner 

Adding just a splash of Castile Soap to a basket of water will make a difference how clean your floor will be plus you don't need to rinse, the floor won't be sticky or have any residue - Castile soap is so natural so foams just slightly.


- Bathroom cleaner

Use hot water and a sponge, Castile soap will me your sink and bath shiny clean! 

Considering how much uses Castile soap has you can really save money on the cleaning as you don't need to buy a lot of cleaning products.

Declutter your life by having one product for every room in your house and no plastic bottles scattered under your kitchen sink. 

Natural Castile Soap - antibacterial, gentle and versalite


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  • Riswana, you can use special soap calculator here https://www.soapguild.org/lye-calc.php, when you are making it you have to use protective equipment for your face, eyes more recipes you can find on wiki how!

    Alona Holub on

  • Hai I am a startup entrepreneur in bathing soap, I used my free time for that so how I too can produce the Castile soap

    Riswana Niyas on

  • Absolutely! Castile soap is a miracle! Most skin problems can be easily caused by using commercial soaps and shower gels!

    Alona Holub on

  • I love castille soap use it for hands and bath no sulfates in it which makes my huband itch…

    Bella on

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