How we make our products

How we make our skincare in a short inspiring YouTube Videos to give you an inside of our in-house skincare brand - Perfance - Local and Handmade!
Face Toners are packed with natural goodness, alcohol free and comes in a glass bottle, we add botanicals to hydrosols to maximise skin hydration.  
Face Toners have paper label, they are made to order to maximum freshness and best before date states on each bottle. Best to apply with reusable bamboo or cotton pads  before applying your daily face cream

When it comes to shipping everything is wrapped in a recycled Kraft paper and finished with a natural twine, packed neatly into cardboard box. We don't like to ship Invoices or plastic to our customers.
Making Face Masks is not that easy! Unless it is Kaolin clay (Chalk powder) which widely used by commercial companies because it is easier to use at home but has very little or no skin benefits. 
Texture of Mineral clays like Moroccan Clay, French Yellow and Green Clays, Bentonite Clay (Volcanic Ashes) are very dense texture and will take some time to dissolve in Floral Water, most of the time you need a whisk. If you are making mask at home and mixing it with water mask is safe to use for two to three days if stored in the fridge. Afterwards you need to discard it and make new one. Our masks ready-made and we use Vegan Food Preservative to keep it fresh and safe to use.
All our masks made with Mineral Clays, Floral Water, Cold pressed Oils, Essential Oils and Plant Powders. 
Making Face Serum Elixir No 1 using only raw, organic cold pressed oils and botanicals - Sea Buckthorn and Rosemary Antioxidants. Packed in amber dropper glass bottle to preserve vitamins and minerals from sunlight. 100% Natural and Waterless.