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Perfance is not only a sustainable brand, but most of our ingredients are edible and biodegradable!

For example the additive that we add to create our moisturiser is edible and used in baking and chilled desserts. 

Perfance Skincare is free from Mineral Oil, Petroleum, any types of Polymers or Texture Enhancers.

Perfance Skincare is Fragrance-Free and the scent of our products are the simple aromas of Raw Materials like Shea Butter and Essential Oils.

We do not use any type of Colourants or Colours - our face creams gain colour only from adding Oils: Skin Food Moisturiser is green from Tamanu Oil which is expressed naturally and remains Green with a Nutty scent.

Perfance Pure Skin Moisturiser is yellow due to Calendula oil which is made by soaking Calendula petals in Carrier Oils like Jojoba, Wheatgerm and Sunflower Oils in order to gain soothing and healing properties.  It is impossible to extract oil from Calendula flowers.

The Perfance face serum called Elixir No1 is rich in colour and aroma! The bright orange is from Sea Buckthorn pulp that is made into a paste and extracted with the help of CO2 to preserve most of the plant's natural goodness. The scent is from Rosemary Leaf paste, it doesn't smell of Rosemary but has a gentle flower-fruity scent. 

Neroli Toner is bright Yellow in colour due to Orange Flowers being organic and naturally derived by distillation. Orange Flower or Neroli is incredibly good for Oily and Combination skins as it really cleanses the skin and mattifies at the same time.

'Try to pour Toner into a small spray bottle and apply during the day and you'll see results straight away - skin is more matte in seconds.'

Another useful additive we use is Beeswax.

'I personally use it for Salves as I think it is much better than any other plant wax, it is more antiseptic and more healing than many other waxes.'

Foot Salve is a bright orangie-green due to the Virgin Olive Oil and Yellow Beeswax that we use. Actual Beeswax is very highly aromatic and has a sweet balsamic scent. It is incredibly healing on its own and with botanicals added it works almost instantly. You can also use it if you got any insect bites and it will soothe and stop itchiness almost instantly. Good stuff!

Perfance Face Masks are made from Mineral clays like Moroccan Lava Clay or Volcanic ash called Bentonite. Depending on the natural mineral structure Clay is Green, Yellow or Ashy Brown. All Face Masks are ready made and you can use them straight away. We do not use Kaolin in our Face Masks as it has very little use for skin - it just makes it tight!

Using our masks every day for a week will give you the effect of Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion and improves skin texture, makes complexion even and skin firmer. For more information visit our Face Masks menu and choose your face mask!

Why we choose natural Ingredients for our skincare?

Back in the days when I was a customer I was always challenging myself to find the best product for my skin.

It was incredibly difficult to find a decent face cream that doesn't have one hundred and one ingredients in it... or face cream that doesn't come in a cheap plastic container.

When I started making my own face cream in 2016 I have used only the best raw materials that I had no doubts would do only good for my skin.

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