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Handmade: hand poured, hand-bottled, hand-labelled and Castile.

Handmade Castile Soap

Castile means made from Olives.

Olives green and amber, olives ripen in the sun of a happy summertime in Italy, salty-Mediterranean Greece, siesta-hot Spain.

Castile Soap in amber glass bottle

Olives that happily absorbed the sun, the summer breeze and warmth of earth.

Squeezed into Extra Virgin Oil, full of flavour and fattiness.


Perfance Liquid Castile Soap Biodegradable in glass bottle 250ml

Soap crafting is truly inspirational for me.

Doing everything by hand gives the merchandise a part of your own energy. 

Only wooden and glass tools are involved in this commodity. 

A ritual dress and fifteen hours of your pure attention, preparation and anticipation. 

How does Castile Soap smell?

Like a soaked wooden barrel left out in the sun, coarse but pure. 

Waiting for the trace is like waiting for miracle. 

The hazy pudding turns into an amber glossy liquid, and eventually turns to gold.

Soap Alchemy.

 Amber glass bottle with aluminium lid

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