Acne Spot Treatment

Posted by Alina Perfance on

Acne Spot Treatment is a very simple salve that made using old-fashioned recipe - carrier Oils, naturally antibacterial  beeswax and strong concentration of botanicals.

This is why this treatment salve goes in 15ml aluminium tin as you need a tiny bit. 

Best way to apply overnight right onto acne, red spot and any breakout and let it do the work. You see your skin at night not only resting but regenerating, renewing and repairing itself.

As spring is coming we get some insect bites - you can use this treatment too - Peppermint and Geranium are very healing and antibacterial! If you have acne on your back or shoulder anywhere on your body - just apply right on that area allow it to absorb, apply multiple time until skin is healed. 

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