Mama's Butter - from the first days of pregnancy

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Mama's Butter - keeps your skin firm from the first days of pregnancy.

Made specially for everyday use - apply after shower Some oils can feel very heavy on the skin like Argan, Rosehip  and Tamanu oils which are the best stretch marks preventing oils for skin. I have blended these oils with Raw Organic Coconut oil which is so lightweight and soufflé-like goes onto the skin. 

Perfance Mamas Butter Firming pregnancy body anti stretch marks Treatment 100ml

Recommended to apply every day after shower or bath while kin still wet and towel-dry afterwards. Go over the whole body - not only bump and small amount around one table spoon will be enough. Spread it out and towel dry as usual. Personally, after this evening routine I like to wear some organic cotton nightwear and a fluffy slippers - pregnancy is all about a comfort!  

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