Collab with Authentic House

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We have collaborated with Authentic house and now you can buy Pure Skin Moisturiser in Subscription Box for May 2021!

Face Moisturiser Perfance

Authentic House is Home of Sustainable and Plastic Free and with their Subscription Boxes you can easily update your home to a sustainable solutions in every room! 

Importance of going Plastic Free is so important, as 90% of UK plastic that we put in our recycling is not recycled but sent to countries like Turkey and Malaysia to be burnt or damped, it is soon ends up in river and then back into ocean and probably will make its way back to the UK sooner or later. 

Choosing sustainable is the only solution and small Indie brands like Authentic House, Perfance, Eco Living, Zao, Dimple House, Ocean Saver, Zero Waste Club, WildTree Skincare doing their bit to save the planet.  

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