New Nipple Treatment

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Being mum is challenging especially while you are breastfeeding for the first time! 

I remember when I was on my last trimester my midwife told me to get nipple cream and I started looking. I was always been curious about ingredients and I found that main ingredient was a wax produced by a sheep wool :(

Why my new born baby has to eat it?

Or shall I wipe it off every time I breastfeed? You can hardly find a time to apply a cream but wiping it off surely not!

Nipple Treatment  

I decided to make my own nipple cream with food grade edible ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter and added Shea Butter and Organic Olive Oil for moisture and  Beeswax to seal it! Smells amazing and feels awesome. 

Perfance Nipple Treatment

One tip - if you are extremely tired and jumped out of the shower forgot to apply face cream overnight - apply this treatment and your skin will be so soft and healed in the morning! 

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