Beauty Balm - ultimate skin treatment

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When you think 'Balm' something 'very thick and rich' comes to mind.

But this Balm is a superlight skin smoothing treatment that you can use in many ways: 

- Layer with you face cream for a skin boosting treatment;

- Apply before make up to make skin smooth and perfect looking;

- Apply as overnight face treatment;

- Use on face, eyes and neck to remove tiredness and treat dull skin;

- Apply on lips as healing treatment;

- Use as a Make Up Melt - dissolve make up and remove with reusable cotton pads or hot cloth;

- Wake up morning hot cloth face cleanser;

- Apply on cuticles overnight to reveal soft manicured hands in the morning.

I'm sure there are many more ways to use it!

Powerful botanicals of anti ageing Rosewood and acne clearing Tea tree with calming invigorating aroma!

Light oils of Jojoba and Calendula will heal skin and fight both wrinkles and acne.

Plus antiseptic natural Yellow Beeswax is skin healing and preserves all botanicals in this balm!

Only sustainable glass jar beauty packaging to reduce amount of plastic on our planet.

Try it and you'll love it! 


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