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How oils can improve your skin no matter what skin type you have - the secret in application and everyday skincare routine. You can get rid of acne, lines and wrinkles and make your skin glowing just by using facial oil everyday and here is how!

Facial Oil Elixir No 1 Perfance

Myself I had Combination skin, my make up use to shine from excess of oil and I had breakouts when I was stresses.

I would never apply oil on my face I did quite opposite - gel cream were my favourite. I use to think that face oil will make my skin worse! I ended up swapping from one face gel to face emulsion and there were days where I applied foundation on bare skin! Cause I wanted it to last!

Face Oil

My skin have became dehydrated - you know that slight greyish and tired skin look - that's skin dehydration. Lines, even those that you don't have started show up in daylight. I was only 26...

I wouldn't say I was doing a bad job of taking care of my skin - high end skincare cream for Oily and Combination skin: gel cream, alcohol based face toner and  that fancy gel wash with scrub particles. Foundation just for my skin type and powder - lots of it! Was my skin ever looked great? Never. Promises of high end brands that you are doing the right thing but you just need to buy another extra product! and then another one and another one.. 

Facial Oil Anti Wrinkle Natural

Then I started making my own skincare I have entered a world of Oils and Botanicals. All oils that you are using for face have to be cold pressed and organic - only they are preform miracles! 

Oils are different - there are lighter oils and there are more replenishing.

Our skin produces oils to protect itself!

Oils preserving youth and helping to fight wrinkles!

Oils making skin healthy glowing!

Oils are good for skin!

And finally after two years of experimenting I have created my own facial oil - Elixir No 1 - a perfect blend of Jojoba (antiaging, wrinkle smoothing), Apricot Kernel (very light oil, perfect even for Oily skin) and Calendula Oil (anti acne, soothing, redness healing). With added botanicals of Sea buckthorn and Rosemary this facial oil turns into Elixir - absorbs quickly, smells of edible berries and perfect to mix with face cream or foundation.

The last but not the least thing - if you have experienced the same thing with your skin as I did take this advice in consideration when you chose skincare products: 

- Avoid SLS and Detergents, they are only over washing and over cleansing your skin to make it more oily. Once Natural Skin Balance washed off skin starts to produce oils to protect itself from over drying. This is a natural skin mechanism.

- When you are choosing face serum or facial oil - go for natural! Mineral Oil, Petroleum Jelly are synthetic and cheap ingredients used by many skincare manufacturers. 

- Apply oil onto damp skin or mix with cream - works best when oil has a bit of water. 

- Choose 'clean' make up - most of foundations (even high end) contain synthetic pigments and synthetic oils to help blend well once applied on the skin, but slip off by lunch time.

- Buy online from Independent make up and skincare brands and on marketplaces like Etsy - this is how you get quality product and the most for your money. Pharmacies and mass-market brands pay millions 'to be on the shelf' and very little to make a product and put it into plastic bottle - this is how business works.

We are so lucky to live in time where we have million of choices of everything! So use it!  





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