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Hey, guys!

Welcome to my Stories!

From now on I will be posting my Stories here on my website.

Why? On the 30th of June Instagram will not allow me to share with my products in my IG posts, I will have to pay for it! Plus all the images you have downloaded on IG technically is not yours anymore but the property of IG. It is a difficult subject to copyrights and my website trafficking.

I figured I'll share everything that's going on in my life and everything that will be useful for you here.

When the government says Stay at home or work from home, some of us are furloughed you gotta find that balance not to lose your mind, you need to find things to do to give you that motivation so afterwards you'll feel like you are ready for more productive things than just baking Banana Bread. 

Routine is very important: otherwise, you sleep god knows when and eating god knows what. I work regularly from Monday to Friday on my business - website, formulating, designing..

On my days off - sorry I'm not available!

I have made some homemade snaps and photos of my rented apartment in green Cheshire and my personal #lockdown stories that really inspired me to carry on my business and think less about the pandemic.

Now sharing with you! 

Let's dive into it: My lockdown days, NB: they do not include tips like doing online shopping or spending more time with your family (as many of us probably already do a lot!). 

1. Paint

Lockdown tips:how to find motivation

These materials I have bought from The Works ages ago, I had a holiday and I have taken time for myself in 2016, I was fancy painting as I love the beach where I use to live back in Tywyn, Wales. Sandy beach, driftwood and tall grass, I have been paining all morning and that was the most amazing solitude, that when I get inspired to open my business and make my own handmade skincare. 

So I have decided to paint again - the second time in my life since I was five probably.

I'm more of a Picasso rather than Turner, but I enjoy the process and my masterpiece I can hide in the loft later :D 

2. Bake

 how to gain motivation during self isolation

I love French Tarts but I have never made French Tart properly, I was always in the rush..

Baking has to taste and look good so it won't be embarrassing to share it on Instagram! I made time and made shortcrust pastry properly: leaving to chill for 30 mins and took the time to arrange apples.

It made me feel proud for a moment! Try it! With Merry Berry's and Nigella's recipes you will never go wrong: easy to make and effortless to cook.

3. Upcycle

sewing a cushion without sewing machine

I have a fabric sack where occasionally I add clothes that I plan to recycle, once during cleaning I looked through it and realised that lots of things there are really good soft fabric, everything washed and clean. You know things like old hoddies and joggers, cotton t-shirts. I love cushions in every corner of my room and while I was shopping I looked inside the cushion that was sold for £15 and I was shocked - plastic filler more like a poor quality duvet, it is all plastic! I thought about why I can't make my own cushion but use filler with cotton upcycled clothes?

So here is how it's done: cut jersey cotton clothes in small pieces discarding seems and zips and buttons; get a piece of thick cotton - I used my IKEA old curtain, you can try using a tablecloth or maybe old cover that soft and nice to touch, maybe even old fluffy sweater? 

I don't even possess a sewing machine, so it is literally handmade! Worried that seams will look a bit messy - check out a hand sewing techniques online and find something that you really like. 

4. Walk

things to do during coronavirus

Walk in the park is not the most exciting things to do, but watching ducklings and fish in the lake, collecting pinecones and wild flowers to bring into your house  -  can be a real thing, maybe it will bring you back into childhood!

5. Garden party 

lockdown and stay at home tips

We all miss pubs, cocktail bars and restaurants.. Me and my partner had this tradition of Friday pint and Sunday coffee mornings. We decided to make our own celebration: adding sliced fruit to favourite drink, arrange a couple of fancy snacks, add a bit of deco: a fancy vase of flowers and a luxury tray, turn on Reggies music and just enjoy and talk.

6. Foraging

Dandelion honey - the real experience on foraging and making at home

I have made Dandelion honey once, it was amazing after six months maturing in a glass jar in the dark cupboard! Plus this honey like Vegans as technically is it a syrup rather than stolen work of poor bees :D

"I have found tons of recipes online, but I was shocked that so many bloggers basically lying about making Dandelion honey and just added pretty pictures of usual honey jars and a cotton twine.. Those recipes never worked as one ingredient is missing, can you imagine that plugging out petals from Dandelion all day and it is all to waste?.. 

Dear bloggers, please write posts genuinely! Something you really done and you know about, but not because your website missing a blog and you need to add some useless info to it.

Dear Goggle, please stop pushing fake blogs into a top search, we all rely on you! When the recipes does't work and content is not genuine -  you have to work on it"

So I have said everything I wanted to say, now I can surely say - making your own honey is bringing your household to a higher level! It is like meditation - plugging out petals for two hours in a row slowly puts you into a trance.

Don't believe me? Ask your Japanese friends - they do it all the time, it develops patience and discipline.

I promise I will make a full blog devoted to Dandelion honey recipe and share it next week.

I'm incredibly grateful to all Key workers: my internet works, water is running, electricity is working and I have food in the fridge.

To NHS: I will owe you for the rest of my life, job that you do is priceless, we stay at home for you. 

I will see you next week! If don't want to miss anything - subscribe to my mailing list and Feedburner will send you a notification every time I post a new Story!

Stay safe!





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