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New skincare brand is born every day! So many choices and you have to get the right one, and you wonder does every skincare crafter knows his stuff?

Here are some things you might consider before buying handmade skincare:

1. All skincare that contains natural products has to be packed into amber glass jars or bottles, not clear jars (jam jars) or plastic (unless it's commercial then it might have inner sunlight protective coating), as amber glass jars protect skincare product from sunlight.

When product exposed to sunlight (even on the dressing table or very lit bedroom) natural ingredients like essential oils, botanicals extracts are starting to break down and lose its natural goodness. It is similar if you heat oils that are heat sensitive (Avocado, Jojoba Oil etc.) their polyunsaturated fats changing their molecular structure and give no effect to your skin, some oils if affected to sunlight become toxic and poisonous  

Some skincare crafter using jams jars or clear jars for their face creams and salves, even serums. The reason - jam jars or Kilner jars are cheap and easier to buy then a real professional cosmetic packaging. 

2. 100% Natural or Anhydrous skincare (does not contain water)

80% of newborn handmade skincare brands making Anhydrous products, you have seen them a lot: whipped shea butter lotions, 100% Natural Content face creams, only because they do not contain water so therefore do not require a preservative, but are they good for your skin?

Let me explain the basic purpose of face cream.

What is a face cream? - it is a mixture of oils and water, emulsifiers needed as the cream will not happen.

Why do we need to use water and oil for our skin? - to replenish and feed natural skin barrier - a natural protective skin mechanism that keeps skin healthy and protects the top layer of our body and face from the environment. If you remember this basic knowledge it will give you an idea of why our skincare routine has to be consistent. 

Anhydrous face cream does not contain water, it is usually whipped shea butter, with other butter or oil, Vitamin E (to keep oils stable), pretty much nothing else. 

So what happens if we use only oils on our skin and now using oils?

Skin becomes dehydrated, even dry over time and you feel that you need to swap to something else. 

My skincare products are in amber glass jars and bottles, similar to how old fashioned pharmacies kept their medicine. My face creams contain water as it is essential for skin in any form: spring water, flower water (hydrosol). Simply because I make products purely for myself. 

Choose carefully and have knowledge in mind and may your choices will make your skin happy! 


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