After holidays have gone..

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Christmas tree is gone and all decorations packed into the loft, we all coming back to committed lifestyle: somebody starts going to the gym, changing hairstyle or a job, there is a new year that will bring new happiness!

I noticed lots of people in the gym all different shapes and sizes, different ages and occupation, somebody just walked from work in heels and got changed ready for a treadmill, somebody wants to lose weight and somebody wants to build up muscle. 

Maybe you are thinking about changing something about your life?

Like going Vegan? or replace your bottle of commercial shower gel into a beautiful handmade bar of soap? It's good not only for your skin but for the environment. 

And the meaning of the soap has changed over the years going from the fat bar made from cold-pressed oils into a block of detergents and chemicals that you can buy for less than 50p. 

We started to be scared of soap as it is drying out the skin, yes it might be if it's commercial soap, as it doesn't have as much of natural fat from high oleic oils, added butter as it makes it more expensive to produce.

My personal experience: I have replaced all my plastic bottles fancy shower gels and facial washes into my own handmade soaps: my skin has never felt dry, I don't use as much of body lotion after each shower, my self-tan or even natural tan stays longer and doesn't wash off as much, and the most important - I have never felt cleaner in my life! 

We are so lucky to live in times where the handmade industry is thriving thanks to Etsy, NuMomnday and many more platforms where handcrafters and conscious consumer meet! 


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