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Skin: it is never perfect

I don't know what's wrong with my skin but every time I go on holiday and travel through the airport to the sunshine, I have breakouts. It is usually on my chin. And no matter if I wear make up or not while travelling, if I clean my skin in between the travel I end up with a huge blemish on my holiday..

I think it's pollution, dust, dirt in air and skin's stress even, but in any case, nothing is working to rescue skin from unexpected blemishes. I have literally tried everything: from Anti Blemish to Normaderm and even Tea Tree Oil. 

What really turns my world upside down is the day when I discovered #bentonite clay. I have discovered Bentonite Clay just by accident and had an idea of making fresh face masks with added goodness. I mixed Bentonite Clay with Organic Orange Flower Water and clay do not dissolve in water immediately, it needs to sit for a couple of minutes. At least fifteen minutes. 

Of course, before selling any of my handmade skincare I need to test on my own skin, so I popped a tin-trial full of the ready mask - Bentonite Clay + Orange Flower Water. I will test it while I'm on holiday - I won't wear make up anyway :D

So we getting to that moment when you travel all day (Manchester - Tenerife) and when you finally in the hotel your face looks like you haven't slept for a week and skin looks oily and tired. Are we close to that moment when you notice a lump trying to break through the skin into a huge red blemish?

Exactly. Nothing left to lose and just try that clay mask which at least gives a skin some detox.

OMG! You know when we talk about effect after the first use is just a marketing trick, right? But that was for real!

After my first application of this mask, I have noticed that lump that was almost swollen to just about break through the skin has actually decreased in size!

The redness and that greyish tired look of the skin have replaced with white clean skin and matte look!

I gave it a go in the evening as I found out in the hotel I forgot to put my face wash into my travel toiletries. The result is - my skin started to improve after every application of Bentonite Clay mask.

And the holiday result is not the only bigger result I had: I have this problem with blemishes on both sides of my chin and purely depends on woman's hormonal balances that's what I thought. I always had red or whiteheads in the same place. No matter if I use Anti Blemish Gel, Normaderm or any other super rescue anti-blemish treatment like applying Tea Tree Oil on the cotton bud and straight onto the pimple.

But when after using Bentonite Clay on my skin especially on the chin - my skin has never been clean like never in my life. Guys, this is a must-have and everyone should use it as a treatment - men and women as this Clay are not drying out skin like chalk, but gives a very balanced mineral feeling on the skin! 

I was so amazed by the effect of Bentonite clay I have started research.

Very interesting fact about this clay that when you add water the clay swells up slowly. I have added Orange Flower water and clay drank it all, I had to add more and wait more time while it swells. The molecular structure of clay changes when you add water - it becomes electrically charged and acts as a magnet on the skin - dragging out toxins, impurities and sebum.

It is odourless and microfine with grey colour. 

Then I came across Rhassoul Moroccan Clay while I was making Perfance 100% Black Soap, which is soap used for stream rooms - hammams, and if you do a proper Moroccan hammam you use soap first, then Rhassoul (Ghassoul) Clay and Argan Oil afterwards. 

So, Rhassoul (Ghassoul) clay or Moroccan Lava Clay is a mineral clay that derived from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. It contains natural detergent, just very slightly soapy clay without creating foam. Rhassoul clay gives a clean feeling on the skin without stripping the skin's natural balance. 

So if you use it on the skin it is like a creamy clay Brown colour that has small particles due to its texture. The molecular structure of this clay is perfect for absorbing impurities and excess of oil from the skin. it is a beautiful product and must-have for #skinobsessors.

French Green Clay is incredibly creamy and gives a light detox even for Sensitive Skin. Added Black Seed oil is a multi superfood for skin - from cleansing properties to redness removing and skin calming. This clay is known as Illite Clay and rich in minerals like cobalt, magnesium, silicone and other minerals. 

Fuller's Earth Clay is known as a pH balanced cleanser-clay with pore tightening properties as it has a molecular oil-dragging effect. It is used to make skin whiter and remove any unwanted pigmentation on the skin. So you might give it a go for treating dark spots that appear on the skin if you forget to apply sun cream. 


I thought that using clay for skin do not give any effect as just drying out the skin. And this is something I have experienced when I was a teenager and bought a packet of a mass market clay that cost me less than a penny. And it felt like chalk and smelled like chalk which reminding me of school pretty much. After washing off that clay from my face my skin just felt dry. No effect. The fact for sure - I have used a wrong clay, a cheap clay or just fake. After that experience, I stopped trying clay masks for like the next ten years. 

But don't be like me - you have to always look for something new and indulging for your skin. Cause skin of every person is different and the routine is different, so you have to search for only your individual routine. 

What happened after I started to use Precious Clays?

I have stopped using a face wash at all. Clay does everything - cleansing, oil and impurities absorption, detox and even micro exfoliation. But..

The cleansing routine should have at least three steps: make up removing,  clay mask-cleanser and floral water (hydrosol) face toner.

I have tried this routine for over a months and I can tell my skin feels better - clean and fresh, no blackouts and less shine. And another reason - I don't like face washes that makes skin tight and even red sometimes as I think I have developed sensitivity to Detergents like Sulphates or SLS.

It's up to you to decide what you apply on your skin but this time think open minded. Like we do, or at least we try. 





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