Why to use Pure butters: Shea, Cocoa and Coconut oil

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You simply know it is definitely a good product but maybe the rich texture scares you a bit, and maybe too natural isn't too practical?

Here are some right and easy ways to get the benefit from pure natural butter like Shea, Cocoa and Coconut Oil.

First of all - use Organic and Unrefined as they are full of goodness and vitamins as refined Shea Butter (white in colour) won't give you that natural boost effect

How to use pure natural shea butter?

  • Lips: only a very small amount needed, pad it on your lips to help it to meltdown

  • Cuticles: Take a small amount (size of a pea) and melt it down first, then when it turns into oil and amount of it slightly increases. Apply on nails and cuticles and even toes overnight. You will be surprised how manicured your nails will look the next day 

  • Body: add to body lotion, perfect for feet, heels and elbows and a natural remedy from a sunburn, dryness, irritation, redness or inflammation 

  • Face: melt it down and apply on face with padding movements. The best way to apply on the wet skin or straight after toner / facial mist. Add to your regular face cream, mask, facial oil or serum. Shea is very beneficial for your skin: healing, wrinkle smoothing, good for acne prone skin as non-comedogenic at all. 

  • 'Emergency' makeup remover - apply on the face, melt down the makeup and use damp facial cloth or just small face towel to remover makeup 

  • Hair: melt in our palms really small amount, apply on the hair ends only if they dry or damaged to give more moisture to your hair while sunbathing on holiday or before blow dry. It is better to use it for coarse or dry hair rather than fine hair

Why is unrefined Shea Butter so much better?

Pure and Unrefined Shea butter is like unfiltered, full of goodness and natural scent and even flavour. Commercially it makes sense to use refined shea butter which looks more white and the shelf life of any refined product is longer. But why do we need to filter off that goodness?

Perfance Shea Butter tins are Unrefined, Certified and Organic, as full of goodness as possible!

No wonder why it recovers the look of the breakouts when I apply it overnight! - Alina Perfance

Can Coconut Oil dry out skin? Any oil can dry out skin if applied on the perfectly dry skin.

Over time oil will absorb oil from your skin and especially with Coconut skin may feel dryer.

You see, the best way to apply any time of oil is on the damp skin like straight after moisturiser or mix with moisturiser. If you use facial oil - apply it straight after facial toner, when skin is still slightly wet - this is to ensure that oil will do the job.

You may use bottled water before applying facial oil.

It is worth experimenting with Mother Nature products as the benefit can be endless!

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