Exfoliation and Anti Age in one product - AHA!

Posted by Alina Perfance on

I'm a busy mum and not always have time for face masks and scrubs so I needed instant product - exfoliator that made from natural fruit acids - bilberry and sugar cane.

I have made concentration of 3% which is safe for every day use and a smaller bottle of 50 ml as using Alpha Hydroxy Acids for longer period of time is not good. Besides we use face scrub once a week maybe twice but not everyday.

How to use. Pour the bottle onto cotton pad or the best is bamboo pad as it is so soft and wipe face avoiding eye area, let it sit on the skin for a little while and then follow with moisturiser, which will help skin to regenerate.

AHA can improve not only skin texture but remove some pigmentation (from the sun of uneven skin tone) plus it is very anti age - naturally occurring Lactic, Glycolic, Malic and Tartaric acids stimulates production of collagen and revitalises skin.

Introducing AHA to your skin routine: use the whole bottle twice a day maximum before moisturiser until bottle is finished. Repeat the treatment after 30 days (skin renewal time scale) only if needed.

Skin types. Perfect for Oily, Acne prone skins, also good for dry and flaky skin as one time a week treatment toner, make sure you are applying a generous amount of moisturiser afterwards.

If you have Eczema or Rosacea you need to consult your dermatologist.

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