Perfance is bathproof!

Posted by Alina Perfance on

I have a big bathroom and it is a lot of stuff in it. Half finished jars and bottles of my own skincare and very disorganised. 

There is a key point - your skin routine will be much easier if your skincare station is in the order. I went on Etsy to buy some of those Personalised Jars and Glass bottles for refilling with minimalist labels and price has really surprised me - £16 for a bottle!

It shouldn't be expensive but affordable and encouraged! We should declutter our homes from plastic!

This is why I decided o launch affordable minimalist and luxury looking amber glass jars and bottles, so when you buy Perfance product with the Kraft paper label on it it shouldn't stop you taking it to your bathroom - just refill the jar or bottle with Minimalist " Eye Cream" or "Face Cream" on it and you are now the part of the trend zero waste and apothecary looking bathroom! 

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