Cream or Moisturiser?

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Does it make any difference: to use Face Moisturiser or Cream?

"I used to skip face cream in the day skin routine cause it made my skin oily and shiny.  And maybe you as well don't really want to build up too many layers as you wear make up everyday." - Alina Perfance

Right, even if you use a face cream for your skin type it still feels heavy and your face shines even before afternoon. Powder up make up is good though, but maybe the reason is in something else?

What is the difference between Moisturiser and Cream?

Moisturiser gives skin moisture with water and face cream has more oils in its content. That's why we look for Oil-Free Moisturiser which would mean the texture would be more water based rather than oil based. 

If your skin prone to breakouts or produce too much oil and make up literally slips off - swap to oil-free or water based moisturiser and serum, but it will be only temporarily solution, the skin would need oils too and no matter is it Oily skin or Dry.

The texture: Moisturizer and Cream can be the same texture - do not mix up with Lotion which is a light cream and has much runnier texture. Moisturiser leaves less oily residue on the skin than cream and absorbs better.

Cream tent to have to more nourishing and velvety texture and also makes that 'smoothing effect' with the help of oils. 

What makes skin oily?

Comedogenic oils and ingredients.

Things like Cocoa Butter is a luxury thing but not for Combination skin types. You see every ingredient has its own comedogenic number. It's easy to google any ingredient and find out what's best for you.

"I started googling the ingredients in my day creams, and to be honest even with night time creams you wake up with a shiny face anyway... So I found interesting ingredients like synthetic polymers, lubricants and skin conditioning agents...  (see the blog post Dior Capture Totale) One question: why would you add these to the face cream? If you have any idea why, please leave a comment." - Alina Perfance


Dimethicone and anything synthetic really.

Even if the actual ingredient is allowed to be used in cosmetics it doesn't make it perfect for skin and there are several reasons why manufacturers use it: to enhance texture, to make products thicker, to mask scents; you should remember that choice is yours to make what you apply on your own skin.


And again synthetic waxes are comedogenic but natural beeswax is 100% non-comedogenic ingredient. Many make up removing balms (the good ones) based on beeswax, even mascaras and sometimes moisturiser. Keep your eye open to Synthetic Waxes and you'll be fine.  

Poor cleansing routine.

Korean girls have the best skin in the world as their skin routine includes many steps of cleansing and moisturising. In European skincare tradition, we have main 3 steps twice a day: 1. Cleansing 2. Toning and 3. Moisturising. To be honest many women don't follow even 3 steps. You have to understand that cleansing means many steps and can include many products like make up remover and facial wash. Toning will remove traces of the facial wash and make up remover you have used and will finish the cleansing step together with preparing skin for moisturiser. Moisturising can have not only one product but separately face and eye cream, serums and treatment. 

"My personal experience. I have tried many moisturisers but they just not perfect: Clinique Moisture Surge was awesome for sometime but you still feel that skin is not getting something. It was perfect under make up though. Plus you want somehting antiageng as well so I got this Lancome Multi Lift for All skin types plus it has SPF 15. But I do wear make up everyday and with this cream make up slipps off like before afternoon, shine appears and you have to use powder. So I though I'll use just serum and that's it. Water based Lancome Serum is really nice but skin don't that moisture enough and after sometimes skin became dull and more oily... " - Alina Perfance 

So I tried to create my own Moisturiser. After experimenting and carefully adding the right ingredients - Perfance Fix Moisturiser range was created. It includes three types of Moisturisers with different benefits but for one skin type - Combination Oily. 

All Moisturisers of this range based on Marigold oil (Calendula) - the best for Oily skin, it is light oil that gives moisture without making the cream to heavy, it clears out the skin and makes skin tone more even. 

It was tested on a few people who had the same problem Combination skin. And I got some real reviews to share: 

"I recently bought this from you and I must say it’s really nice when my day cream runs out I am going to try one of the other creams. I am so pleased with my night fix cream and I’m waiting for my present day cream to run out so I can purchase your day cream.

I have tried many face creams over the years and to have finally found one that I’m happy with is great." - Debbie


Age Fix Moisturiser gives you that amazing antiageing effect without any oily cream feeling on your skin. Rosewood that added to the cream enrich it with anti ageing benefits along with antioxidants that protect skin from ageing. Myrrh Absolute is a unique ingredient that feeds the skin with vitamins and minerals.

Pure Fix Moisturiser will make skin more matte and clean. It is amazing as make up base - will give skin moisture to make it smooth and ready for make up. Apply 'a pea size' over cleansed skin and follow with make up. Caraway packed with vitamins and contains natural Zink which helps in regulating skin's sebum.  French Lavender oil will keep skin balanced and like bacteria-free so a breakout would be a problem anymore. 

Sleep Fix is overnight Moisturiser. Patchouli relaxes skin and has massive regenerating action - what we really need for skin while we sleep. Bulgarian Lavender is a type of high attitude lavender that basically grows 'in the clouds'. It has not only skincare benefits - it is therapeutical and skin's aromatherapy. With soothing and repairing properties Bulgarian Lavender makes a perfect finish to this Moisturiser. 

Discover your favourite Moisturiser and leave your review to get VIP deal in your next purchase. 




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