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Sustainability in a glance quick video!

Today I was making a face toner for our client in Lancaster, watch video in a glance: from ingredients to shipping wrapping it is all with zero waste in mind. 


Watch step by step how we package our toners into sustainable, plastic free and eco-friendly packing.


Actual size of the bottle is quite decent - 250ml glass bottle. 


Here in Perfance we use only recycled paper for wrapping as most of our sales comes from online channels so we take a good care of shipping wrapping so your goods arrive safe and sound. 


Finally boxing - we do not add any marketing cards or advertisement in parcels that we send to you, just a thank you card and tell who we are. So in case you are ordering as a gift you won't get any receipts in your package. 








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  • Omg! World is a small place! I hope it arrived in one piece!

    Alina on

  • I think that was for me! I’m the customer in Lancaster! Just arrived this morning, really looking forward to trying it out 😊

    Niki Allen on

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