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"My name is Alina Perfance and I make my own Natural Handmade and Sustainable Skincare for over four years now.

Before I started using my own skincare I was quite far from word Sustainable as I was working for High End beauty brands.

I was twenty two and I knew very little how big industries work. In 2016  I quit my job and with support of my husband I started my own brand. 

I still love High End make up but I would never return to High End face creams!" 

Sharing with you my morning skincare routine in a short video and description below! 


Every morning I use Green Clay Mattifying Face Mask to exfoliate, remote impurities and dead cells built up overnight. I think it really helps to keep my skin clean and free from acne. If I spend most of my day outside - I use face mask in the evening to give my skin a deep cleanse!

Removing Green Clay Mask: the best way with cotton face cloth, slightly soaked in warm water. 


I mix Skin Food Moisturiser with Elixir No1 Serum - the best thing that works for me. 


Perfance Eye Plumper gives that lift and anti wrinkle action, I think using eye cream everyday is very important as area under eye doesn't produce oil itself and needs that extra care.



You will never see me without make up but I use make up everyday but minimizing products that I use to create quick flash make up: Concealer + Powder for complexion and Eye liner + Eye Shadow with Mascara + Brow Enhancer. 

With Complexion particularly: I have ditched full coverage foundations for two reasons: I don't have to hide my skin and heavy make up makes me look older.

I do try and use natural good for skin concealers where I need to cover up and set it with Translucent loose powder.

Wearing face covering did make me enhancing eyes much more these days.

I keep my lips well moisturised with 100% Virgin Shea Butter - it is light and supple, non sticky and helps to heal even very dry lips. Have you tried it? I encourage you to try! 








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