Video Tutorial how to make Castile Soap step by step: Step 1 Prepare!

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I'll be posting series of videos #HowTo make liquid castile soap 🤲🥽🥼

STEP 1: Prepare!

On the video are measured oils - Raw Organic Coconut and Extra virgin olive oil, bottles, protective gear: goggles and gloves, heat proof glass bowl.

When you are making soap very important to wear protective gear as everything is very hot!

Also very important to know when your soap is ready and reaches the trace so then you can turn your soap base into a liquid soap and bottle it.

Step 2: Mixing water and potash


Mixing water and potash: very important to add potash to water (do not pour water over potash, it will create dangerous splashes!) little by little as it heats up very quickly, once mixed well add it to your oils to create a soap.

Step 3: Adding potash to oils.

Oils have to be melted and mixed together.

Once potash is completely dissolved and water has cleared out add it to you oils and that's when the mixing is starting. Wear protective gear at all times! 


 Step 4: Mixing!

Get the process started and mix with hand mixer for at least five minutes. Heating up a mixture on marie bain will speed up the reaction, but you don't have to, eventually mixture will turn in to a thick blob which will be the base for your liquid castile soap. 


 Step 5: Do not let mixture to separate. 

Try mixing every 10 minutes until the whole thing is well incorporated and thick. Do not use any metal spoons and tableware as it will react with soap. 


Step 6: Reaching the trace.

After mixing several times mixture will reach the trace - small foam will appear and translucent blobs.


Step 7: Soap is completely translucent.

When soap is thick and translucent it's ready! It will reach amber colour and will be difficult to mix, foam will be gone and soap is ready! 


Step 8: Dissolving soap base in water to make it a liquid castile soap. 

Adding hot water little by little and after 15 hrs your soap will be completely dissolved. The best way is mixing consonantly, hand mixer will only create a foam. 


Step 9 Bottling and maturing.  

After 15 hrs of dissolving I strain and bottle soap ready to mature for 3 months. 

 I got couple of vintage bottles with tight closures and I store castile liquid soap in a dark place for 3 months.

Castile soap has many uses, head over here to read blog 12 uses for Castile Soap

Castile Soap


After 3 months I bottle my soap into a glass 250ml bottles and use only aluminium caps.

No plastic and only sustainable inside and out! 




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